May 9 2018 SEA-CCC Kick-off Meeting Notes

We had a total blast!

Matt titled this, “Deep Thoughts, by MattSoft”

Machines in attendance from Matt Martin:

  • C64 with RPi3 brains
  • Amiga 500 with RPi3 brains
  • Playstation 3 HDMI monitor for C64 and Amiga 500
  • Absolutely mint Apple iigs (gorgeous screen!)

Machines from Eric Hill:

  • Amiga 1000 Phoenix
  • Amiga 1080 monitor
  • Amiga 1000 Rejuvenator Board
  • Amiga 1000 fan replacement contender

We fired up games, loaded demoes, dialed into ParticlesBBS off the A500/Pi3 and most important talked about everything. Pizza and local beer was close at hand, too, to keep the energy flowing.

Awesome time! Next meet is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, June 13, 2018. Same times, same location.


Inaugural Kick-off

The very first meeting for the Seattle Commodore Computer Club (sea-ccc) is set: we will meet on May 9, 2018!

Informal Agenda

  • Quick around the room where we introduce ourselves
  • Brief chat on whatever projects we’re each working on or hoping to start soon, if any 
  • Scene news (I’ll bring whatever I’ve heard, and everyone is encouraged to chime in with whatever they’ve heard, too)
  • Bring in any hardware you’d like to show-and-tell
  • Will fire up some games to compare across some systems.