February 6 2019 Seattle Commodore Computer Club Meet #9, Notes

We had a great time last night. We had a ton of machines on hand that needed some TLC, and we actually had a couple of wins before the night was over! 

Matt brought his jaw-dropping and brand spanking new Amiga 1000 MiSTer project. I’ve been affectionately calling it the Señor 1000. At one point we belted out a few bars of “Broken Wings” by Mr. Mister to keep with the theme. 🙂

This machine is just so unbelievably awesome, it’s hard to fully express until you witness it in person. Before the night was over we were even playing the SNES version of Earthworm Jim off of it. No. Joke. And it was pixel perfect. 

Hang on, the back of this A1000 looks different. I can’t quite put my finger on it…

We also took a look at David’s C64DTV which he bought at a thrift store for only $5! Unfortunately, it didn’t work with his TV at home, and he was worried it might need repair. 

But we connected it to Matt’s 1080 and it sprang to life! In just a few minutes David was playing Mission Impossible 2. Stay For-ev-vahhhh! 

To my shock, he then used the joystick and on on-screen keyboard and began to program in basic using the device. He got that working, too.

At first, though, he had an error. Hah!

Dan also brought a very interesting hand-held Japanese computer that was made for programming. Interestingly, the manual was printed entirely in Japanese, while the machine was entirely in English. Dan would use Google Translate in camera-mode to scan the manual and retrieve the English instructions. We live in the future, ya’ll!

In another room Christian and Zade continued to work on Ivan’s ailing 3000’s and 500. The 500 worked fine (dead HDD), and began to be an organ donor of chips to try and diagnose the 3000’s properly. More progress was made there before the end of the night but at least one more session is likely ahead. 

Good times! 

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