June 13 2018 Meetup #2 Notes

We had a great time at the Seattle Commodore Computer Club last night!


  • Eric Hill
  • Matt Martin
  • Rob Robland
  • David M.
  • Lucas Walter
  • Zade Alisdairi (honorary guest)

It was really a great showing and good times were had by all. We had three main systems set up:

  • Amiga 1000 Phoenix with 1084S monitor
  • Commodore 64 breadbin
  • Atari XEGS (mint!) with 1702 monitor

And there was also a gorgeous mint Atari Lynx with a brand new screen being handed around as well.

For games, we spend most of the night on the two 8-bit machines. An epic game of Archon between Zade and Eric got things going (Eric rocked, natch – dark side FTW) on the C64. Some of the games on the XEGS included River Raid, Robotron, Pitfall II and Joust, among others.

Lucas brought a stack of Amiga disks he’d kept for years and was pleased to find the majority of them still worked. Sadly a handful are going to soon become drink coasters, but nothing lasts forever. On the bright side, his original copy of Aaargh! worked flawlessly.

Thanks to everyone for coming out. It was a total blast.

The next meet-up date will be determined soon and posted on this blog. Stay tuned!

Some pics from the night’s festivities:

The legendary (and bizarre) 3D Amiga game MindWalker
Matt showing his stuff on the CBS Electronics classic “Mountain King”, a very interesting and slightly creepy game.
It was nice to learn that Lucas’ original disk of Aargh! worked perfectly.
One of the scenes from Aargh!
Lucas watching an animation of Fred Astaire dancing in a desert, found within the sample files of Deluxe Paint III.
I hadn’t played Archon in many years. I used to play with my brother (who always kicked my butt BITD). It was SO much fun. Such a great 2-player game.
From left to right: David, Lucas, Zade, Rob, Matt
My dog Jean Luc: a C64 image file stored on an Ultimate II cartridge plugged into a C64 breadbin (off-camera) and connected to the 1084S composite ports
From Top, clockwise: Zade, David, Rob, Matt. Eric and Lucas are off-camera.
Rob having just finished one of the games on the C64, which was borrowing the 1084S monitor with the Amiga 1000.


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  1. Good turnout last night with a great bunch of guys. Thanks for hosting Eric! Next month, I *really* want to get that cross-platform multiplayer gaming going! Lotus 2 baby! My MiSTer FPGA Amiga (in 600s clothing) may be ready too for the emulation fans. Hopefully other members will have hardware/projects ideas too!

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