November 17 2022 – Seattle Commodore Computer Club Meet #50 Recap

This was the 50th meeting of SEA-CCC and it was a big one! We had 15 members in attendance total with a large collection of fascinating hardware on-hand for members to demo and discuss.

Attendees included:

Dan, Rob and Rob’s lovely wife (so cool to meet her!), Bernard + Max (Canada), Graham, Steve, Kent, Hexwalker (dude – that Sony VAIO MONITOR!), Robert Bernardo (Fresno, CA), Stephen Jones (LCM), Kevin, Mark and myself! 

On display we had for members to explore and discuss:

  • My beloved Rejuve’d A1000 with Starboard R2 SCSI2SD + 8MB Fast + 14Mhz
  • Vectrex with Mult-Cart, Thrust and Vector Pilot
  • Amiga 500 with gorgeous VAIO display running games and demos with incredible deep bass
  • Breadbin C64 running C64OS (we compared stock vs running a CMD SuperCPU 128)
  • A600 – signed by William Shatner!
  • TheC64 Maxi
  • Some new joysticks – put to the test!
  • Commodore PC 20-III
  • Ultimate64 (custom black breadbin)
  • Incredible and working modern “mini” monitor prototype (with speakers!) by Rob
  • And we tested for the first time my X-Specs for Amiga

Robert Bernardo drove all the way from Fresno, California! And he brought a ton of incredible hardware for members to enjoy. Of course, his presence and experiences shared are the real gift – thank you for coming, Robert!

First-time attendee Stephen Jones of the Living Computer Museum and demoed Gregory Naçu’s C64OS, which was very cool indeed.

Below are some photos taken by various members of the event.

Fifty meets? Have we done that many already? Here’s to the next 50!

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